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Letters 2020

I want to thank everyone who donated to my kickstarter Letters 2020 Project!  I’ve been writing a letter a day, religiously, since January 1st!  My goal is to bring awareness to the lost of art of letter writing.  I find that children these days don’t even know how to address an envelope!  I have read articles about documenting our lives and although we do a lot of it on social media… that may not make it into the history of humanity.  What I mean by this… is that found letters, even from one average person to another are treasured.  Think about “myspace”–how much of that information was kept, is important and is there a hard copy anywhere?  Social media comes and goes but a letter has the possibility of staying for a very long time… think cuneiform tablets and later, hieroglyphics–staying power!  I also think a lot about data mining and how companies are getting rich off of the average person’s data.  Nice thing about a letter… more than likely–the only people reading it is you the writer and the person you mailed it to.  Isn’t privacy a refreshing concept?

I’m mostly writing about boring stuff… my day, my projects, my hopes and dreams and darkest fears… lol.  If you still want to get on board to getting a letter and if I have one of the 366 date slots open… email me your address!

Here is a link to my kickstarter page:  Kosharek’s cool kickstarter


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