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Justice Studio

Justice Studio mural photo by Todd BatesJustice Studio mural, photo by: Todd Bates

Photo credit: Todd Bates

January and the beginning of February wrapped up my time with Justice Studio.  Justice Studio is a branch of Nomad Art Bus, not-for-profit, that works with jailed youth, designing and implementing mural art in the Pinellas County Juvenile Detention Center.  Justice Studio was created by Carrie Boucher and KD Rodriguez.  They invite and pay other artists to come into the Detention Center to do murals with the children.

Without getting all mushy and crying… this has been the most meaningful and inspiring project to be involved with.  My part was working with kids individually and as a group doing drawings and spontaneous projects/art to get ideas for what we wanted our mural to look like.  After each student came up with a symbol that they thought defined them in a positive way, we mapped out the mural and commenced to learning how to spray paint.  Spray paint is magical to me.  It’s fast.  It’s colorful.  It also comes with some obvious dangers.  I taught proper protection–wearing a respirator, wearing gloves and wearing safety glasses.

Many people donated money to buy the spray paint and The Camden Pier District donated the respirators.  We can’t really do projects like this without a community effort. My hope and the hope of the Justice Studio is to get kids involved in art–as therapy and as a reason for positive change.  We thank everyone who donated to make this mural possible.  Thank you.

The beautiful thing, to me… as kids come and go in the Detention Center–they will see this mural and future murals–that I am hoping will remind them of what it’s like to be a child and the happiness that bright colors bring.  I think about the students I met and every day I think a positive thought for them.  My part was small in the grand scheme of things but I can’t help but feel overjoyed about being able to be a part of this project.

If you would like to donate to aid Nomad Art Bus and Justice Studio–please reach out HERE.

And if you would like to learn more about Nomad, check out THIS VIDEO!

Thank you!



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First Night, St. Petersburg, FL


Coming off of 2018 and into 2019 was pretty thrilling!  Seeing my girl, Gretchen all around town in billboards, banners, advertisements, posters and in doll form was a total joy!  For those of you unfamiliar… First Night is a city wide celebration on December 31st, ending in fireworks at Midnight.  I ran a tent from 6pm to 10pm where I sold prints, bags, dolls, patches, pins and stickers AND hosted an interactive PHOTO BOOTH!  Hundreds of people came through and had their pictures taken.  I’m thankful for my family for doing me a solid with their volunteer hours.  Thank you to everyone who came downtown and said a big hello!

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Corner Canvas Project 2018

Jack from Jack's Signs and Designs
1st Ave S/ 2nd Street South


As promised, here are some photos of the electrical box covered with my art via Jack’s Signs and Designs, part of the Shine St. Petersburg Mural Festival and powered by Bank OZK!  Please stop by, take a selfie, label it with @kosharekart or #kosharekart so I can see it!

1st Ave S/ 2nd Street South, St. Petersburg, FL… kiddy corner to the new Ford’s Garage restaurant! 

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Shine On, St. Petersburg!


This year’s Shine Mural Festival in St. Petersburg, Florida was a pure delight for local artists and international alike.  Ok, I guess I’m speaking for myself when I say I was thrilled to be included in the Shine shenanigans.  My art was chosen to be a part of the electrical box wrap project–where art is wrapped around electrical boxes–transforming the drab into the fab!  (pics of that in the next post).


Then I was asked by, girl wonder, Diana Bryson to be a part of her panel discussion on the history of street art in our town–I said… of course!  It was nice to talk about the good ol’ days of the 600 block of Central avenue when rouge artists were making their way with DIY art galleries and the start of street art murals here.  I am happy to say that I was the first woman to do a street art piece and also one that pushed to bring art from the gallery  to the alley.  For those of you that don’t know–I had the eve-N-odd gallery in the historic Crislip arcade for three years.  Three glorious years and 30 art shows that went from one person shows to major group shows that included artists from all over the globe.  It felt great to relive some of those art memories in my head and share a few stories about my female peers on the block… who are all doing amazing things now… and then.  Shout out to:  Kathryn Cole, Saori Murphy, Liz of Dysfunctional Grace, Rebekah Lazaridis, Ungala, and the one and only Queen of Indie Flea: Rosey Williams.  That’s a whole lot of girl power on that list.  I’m proud that we all shared some rental history in the Crislip Arcade.  Those may be the fondest memories of my life… making and selling art… surrounded by really great business women–in the arts and otherwise.


Six Kosharek Art pieces were included in the Shine Closing Exhibition at the Morean Arts Center.  (See photos above).  I was pleased and honored to be in a show with DAAS, BASK, Nomad Clan, and Belin… and the list goes on!  DAAS and BASK pictured below.

DAAS and BASK work!

“2018 SHINE St. Petersburg Mural Festival Finale Reception will be held Saturday, October 13 from 5-9pm at the Morean Arts Center, 719 Central Avenue.

Held in conjunction with the annual SHINE St. Petersburg Mural Festival, this exhibition features artists from this year’s festival as well as our local street artists and muralists. The exhibition will be open to the public October 8-27th.”

Many thanks for including my work in these events and shows! Shout out to curators: Diana Bryson and Amanda Cooper.

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Sunset Beach Mural

This is my latest mural project!  It was a complete joy to work on this beach house.  The name of the cottage is the Starlight, thus the phrase, “Wish Upon a Sea Star” was chosen to adorn this home.  Seahorses and starfish make this vacation home a truly unique place to stay.  Usually I work with just spray paint, but this time I used home paint with a brush.  I feel like the end result turned out just like the mock up art and that made me pretty happy.  If you are interested in making your rental property a little more exciting and unique, please feel free to contact me and I’ll be happy to work up an idea and bid for you.  Jennifer at 727-215-3605.

The details:  Gorgeous 1,500 sq. ft. Starlight Cottage is available mid September for annual rentals. This totally renovated cottage is complete with dock & wet slip. On the intercoastal & 2 minute walk to Sunset beach.  (St. Petersburg, FL area)  If you have any questions about renting this beach home,  contact Pam at 727-896-1000.