Lovely Day RISO print


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Here at Kosharek Art… we love RISO prints!  They are reminiscent of 1950s advertising.  The printing process involves, in this case, a 3 color process of printing my art image.  Each color is printed separately–like a silk screen process… and lends itself to slight differences in each print,  It’s the “mistakes” that bring all the charm to a RISO print!  We have teamed up with Print St. Pete  to do the printing.  Women supporting women in business is also and important part of my personal mission as an artist.  I am pleased to bring you this RISO print, as well as, more in the future!

This is a limited edition of 50 pieces.  Each one will come hand signed by the artist

Lovely Day celebrates Alaska in the summer and if you look closely you can spot: salmon, amanita muscari, a raven, a moose skull, trumpeter swan and the Alaskan midnight sun.


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